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Lillie Palmer

Business Analyst

I note the high professional level of your company's employees and recommend you as one of the best organizations in its field of activity. I wish you dynamic development, success and new achievements.
Nathanael Fitzgerald

Business Development Manager

I express my gratitude to this organization for professionalism, efficiency and conscientious attitude to its work.
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I express my sincere gratitude to the company for fruitful cooperation. I appreciate the mutual understanding that has been established between us. I want to emphasize the high level of professionalism of the company's staff and thank you for the efficiency in resolving issues. I wish you further success in your work, economic stability and achievement of your goals!
Corinne Lynn

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The company's employees are great guys. Super motivated people with glowing eyes, every single one of them! Working with you is easy and pleasant, I wish you growth and prosperity.

Investment Consulting Group Intesa Sanpaolo

About the Company

Investment consulting group Intesa Sanpaolo provides consulting services to companies wishing to attract various financial instruments for the development of their business or to obtain financing for their projects. We work with confidently developing companies that intend to significantly expand the volume of transactions, but due to the insufficient volume of their own assets, they cannot get the necessary bank financing.

To do this, we provide a full range of services in assisting, both in the issue of financial instruments and in attracting debt bank financing secured by financial instruments. Having extensive experience in the field of documentary operations, we offer solutions to improve the quality of consulting support, effectively responding to changes in the situation in the financial markets to meet the needs of our clients.

The advantage of our services is that the client is not required to fully cover the cost of the released instruments, only compensation for the cost of its release. Our company Intesa Sanpaolo with great attention approaches the study of the needs of each client and offers an individual approach to establishing partnerships. We are fully interested in the financial success of our clients, so we adhere to firm principles in interaction and cooperation, leading the client along the path of the least resource costs and achieving the intended business goals.

Our company Intesa Sanpaolo has gained extensive experience in the field of financial consulting. As a member of an international financial group, our company has close and time-tested relationships and the support of various management companies, international funds and financial institutions.

Our Principles

Warranty from Intesa Sanpaolo

The trust of customers is extremely important for us, so we guarantee each client the high quality of the work performed by us and the unconditional fulfillment of our obligations. We are financially obligated to the client for the quality of the services we provide.

Privacy policy by Intesa Sanpaolo

We guarantee each client complete confidentiality of the information received from him on the project and other data necessary for the successful solution of tasks. We also adhere to the principles of complete mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure of information received by the parties when making financial transactions.

Individual approach from Intesa Sanpaolo

We provide each client with a completely individual approach to solving his problems. Each project has its own individual specifics, and we strive to satisfy each client on the way to moving him to his business goals.

You can use our services by writing to us or calling. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you order services!
Efficiency - we always respond as quickly as possible to the requests of our customers. Our teamwork is always aimed at achieving the goal.
We value the time of our customers. You will be satisfied.
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We have been in the service sector since 2001

Our employees

Lillie Palmer

Business Analyst

Nathanael Fitzgerald

Business Development Manager

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